Pause & Assess

  1. Lack of clear business plan: It may give you the cushion but if you don’t know what to do with the capital you’ve raised, then you’re set to go downhill.
  2. Capital comes with expectations & you lose equity: You will have to give a portion of your company. As a result, investors will raise questions and involve them in key decision-making. That also means you are not the only person controlling the company.
  3. Time-consuming: Raising capital is more like a full-time job. You need conviction to stick to it as it is a time-consuming chore. Not just days, but for years. You will not just need to zero in on potential investors but also spend time making a business plan, crunching your numbers.
  4. Financial forecast: Investors want to know if your business has potential for future growth. This means you have to prove that the market is on your side. If the data points in the other direction, then you know it is not time.
  5. Too much too soon: If you are someone who wants to grow your startup rapidly, then opt-out.



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Aditya Gupta

Aditya Gupta

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