Gen-Z & the rise of future realists

  • Global appeal: Having a global appeal, bringing together audiences from various geographies & genres onto a single platform.
  • Cross-platform marketing: Videos posted by a Tik Tok star on Instagram or Snapchat also influence other brands on the platform, allowing a healthy influencer marketing mix!
  • Creating communities offline: A restaurant in China called Haidilao, on Tik Tok, encouraged customers to go DIY on their soup bases, dip sauces by mixing and matching ingredients of their choice and post these videos.. Within no time, food-lovers swarmed into Haidilao restaurants to film their own recipes, eager to showcase their cooking mastery and unique tastes.
  • Hashtag Challenges work: On the platform, hashtags like #ChooseYourCharacter, have brought the best out of users’ creativity. Even big brands like GUESS started #InMyDenim challenge on TikTok, which went viral among GenZ’ers.
  • Clear user experience which is visual & straight-forward, just the way GenZ’ers are.
  • Personal Online branding: Possibility to create a personal brand for teens and tweens with a quirk of goofiness



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Aditya Gupta

Aditya Gupta

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