Conscious Entrepreneurship

Heart & Soul-connected Business

Well, if one were to look at some examples, Simon Sinek is the first one that strikes me. With a notion of connecting your soul and business, his “Start with Why” emphasises bringing conscious awareness into your business and having a “just cause” to support your purpose. I call this a “heart and soul-centred business” which also highlights the significance of gut instinct, the power of intuition and the need to constantly learn and evolve.

Conscious Culture & Leadership

That reminds me of how brands are now choosing their message consciously and carefully with changing times. Let us consider the Bhima Jewellery ad which took India’s social media by storm in the middle of a global pandemic. The ad beautifully captures the journey of a transperson and how her family’s acceptance grows with her transformation.

Conscious Business = Higher Profits

A decade ago, one couldn’t even think of the words “conscious” and “capitalism” being put together in the same sentence. Now, there’s a lot of talk on “conscious capitalism” and its long-term benefits to businesses.

Growing Tribe of Purpose-driven Workers

The world is now seeing a positive shift towards purpose-driven workers. Across the two industries studied through the Yale team’s research — healthcare and education — they found a 10% increase in the number of purpose-oriented workers since the 1997 study. An increase in purpose-oriented workers would likely boost the economy, given higher performance.



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Aditya Gupta

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