Can you imagine a world without the Internet in the current circumstances? Now, just visualise the kind of frustration you experience when you see a “404 error” and “DNS server error” on your screen? Well, if this was 1995 where just 1% of the world had access to the net…

If one were to understand why “Conscious Entrepreneurship” is being thrown around a lot these days, it is probably because we’ve been a generation of people chasing success rather than those trying to understand the purpose of what we do or why we do things.

If I were to begin…

It’s an image everyone has seen: Marilyn Monroe flirtatiously posing over a subway grate, her white dress fluttering in the air. Filmed in Manhattan, this moment from the movie “The Seven Year Itch” is the most enduring depiction of the icon. What we may not have realised is that she…

Scene: Year 2030 — An evening conversation on a cosy Sunday night.

Alexa: “Aditya, what you are consuming now may affect your blood levels in the body. Why don’t you take it slow? The last time you got your tests done, you wanted to maintain your iron levels well. Remember?

Aditya Gupta

12+ years of experience of scaling businesses from zero to exit. Currently heading investments at Hustle Partners. 2x exit igenero & SocialSamosa.

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